Friday, October 28, 2016


Topic: Data Science Initiative talk


Five UNC Charlotte teams were selected as finalists in the 2016 Teradata University Network (TUN) Data and Analytics Challenges. The final competition was held in September 2016 at the Teradata PARTNERS conference. During this seminar, three of those teams will highlight the winning work they presented at the conference.


The goal of both TUN challenges is to provide students with an opportunity to demonstrate theri data analytics and visualization skills. The UNC Charlotte teams coordinated their TUN challenge submissions with final projects required for several Data Science and Business Analytics (DSBA) graduate classes. Final project requirements in "Big Data", "Advanced Business Analytics", and "Visual Analytics" were some of the UNC DSBA classes that prompted TUN submissions. Hadoop, SAS, Tableau, MYSQL/PHP, Python, R, clustering, text mining, topic modeling, sentiment analysis, and predictive modeling were some of the techniques that the teams used for data wrangling, data cleaning, and analysis.


Team members:

TUN Analytics Challenge Team: Aravindharaj Rajendran, Diana Kinney, Divya Ravi, Kerry Easterbrook, Madlen Ivanova, Mahalakshmi Vishnampettai Raghuraman, Xiazhi Fang

TUN Data Challenge Team 1 (People's Choice Award): Vrushali Sawant, Laxmi Narayana Atluri, Sri Harsha Degala, Freddy Cabrera

TUN Data Challenge Team 2: Marcia Price, Qun Sun, Scott Withers, Sara El Mawas


Topics and presenters:

A Big Data Approach to the Predictive Analysis of Fortune 500 Company's Success, presented by Diana Kinney and Madlen Ivanova

Help a non-profit organization, HireHeroes USA improve their "Marketing and Development" strategies, presented by Sri Harsha Degala and Laxmi Narayana Atluri

Help a non-profit organization, HireHeroes USA better understand and optimize factors that affect their "Client Management and Employment Oppotunities", presented by Marcia Price, Qun Sun, Scott Withers, and Sara El Mawas