Friday, March 18, 2016


Topic: Sentiment Analysis for Twitter Data and Arabic Tweets


Presenter: Malak Abdullah


Twitter is playing a vital role in spreading information and influencing people's opinion in a specific direction. It has been shown by the researchers that tracking and analyzing public opinions from social media will help in predicting certain events.
Sentiment Analysis is the field that detects people's opinion and emotions. One of the important research problems within the domain of sentiment analysis is analyzing Arabic tweets. Many events in the Middle East grasped the attention of political and social scientists. The Arabic language is the official language for 22 countries and is spoken by nearly 500 million people. Still, the Arabic language hasn’t received the proper amount of attention from the modern computational linguistics. In this talk, we present a literature review of sentiment analysis on Twitter. We also outline and compare the techniques used in order to detect and analyze Arabic and English tweets.