Siddharth Krishnan

Computer Science
Assistant Professor
Woodward 403-B

Siddharth is a new faculty in the Department of Computer Science (College of Computing) at UNC Charlotte. His research interests are in web-mining, data analytics, computational social science, and applied machine learning with a primary emphasis on analyzing, characterizing, and forecasting information (news, rumors, memes, advertisements, etc.) dynamics on online social networks & social media.  Furthermore, his research aims to leverage dynamical processes (like cascade propagation) to build explanatory & predictive models of actions of large groups of people and societies. He has published in several data science venues like WSDM, WebSci, AAAI, TKDD, etc. Prior to joining UNC Charlotte, he pursued his doctoral studies at Virginia Tech, obtained an MS (Comp. Sci.) from Florida State University and M.S (Math) from Sathya Sai University, India.

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